Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start my free SafeBook trial?

Create an account with ease in just a few seconds, then login to the system, add your logo and images, choose your colours and start creating your booking slots. You can be online in 30 minutes.

Are there really no upfront costs?

Absolutely NONE. Upon sign-up you’ll have access to the system for FREE for 30 days.

Do you have a minimum contract term?

No! While we’d love to work with you for many years to come, we understand that sometimes circumstances change. That’s why, when you pay monthly, there’s no long-term commitment. You’ll be able to cancel simply and without fuss, at any time, via the ‘Cancel Account’ link on our website.

Is there a discount for a longer commitment?

Absolutely. We’re committed to providing long-term value to our customers, so if you’d like to pay upfront for 12 months, then we’ll happily provide you with a 15% discount.

Do you offer special rates for Charities?

Yes, if you’re a registered charity then let us know and we’ll provide you with details of our discounted rates.

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